I talk about Magic Advisor on Swedish Radio! (+ guest art!)

I was on Swedish radioand talked about being a comic creator and publishing Magic Advisor as a book :)
It means a lot to me that I got the opportunity to talk on the radio. I am so grateful! Heart
Listen to the interview here: http://t.sr.se/2kvj4Yv Here is a picture from the swedish radio website:


Also, I got this beautiful guest art from: http://arapersonica.com/Mirage/miragecomic.html



Fanfiction by clockworkmultiverse

Today Magic Advisor got a new fanfic! Its sooooo good and everyones needs to read it 🙂 I am so happy when others wants to write about my characters. it menas a lot 🙂
Here is an extract:

The archaic fashion sense of her guests reminded Lizzy of someone else who had been missing for quite some time. What mischief might have that purple and pink nuisance and her fluffy masked companions gotten involved in that had kept them completely occupied for several days now? She was not overly concerned, as it was the first time in a very long time she had not had to deal with their silly shenanigans. Yet a part of her felt a bit guilty. What if something awful had happened to them and she never cared to notice?
Lizzy then continued to the kitchen, where Ghosty was watching sitcom reruns on television.
“Ghosty, we already own every season of this show on DVD. It is my turn to choose a program to watch.” said Lizzy to Ghosty

Read it all HERE


Magic Advisor fan fiction and art!

Scarletwhite wrote this adorable Lizzy / Prim fanfic! 🙂 I love it and I am so happy he wanted to write about my characters. He also got talented LittleWhiteAngelWolf to make an illustration for it 🙂
Really made my day!  ❤

Prim, with Lizzy on a boat: Thanks for saving me, in all ways possible, you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!
Lizzy (looking saddened): “Just a friend?”
Prim:”Well yes I…”
Lizzy: I don’t want to be just friends, if you wish we can be friends, but we could be so much more… Oh, you have something on your lips”
Prim: “Really? What?”
Lizzy: Me (and she kisses her tenderly…)
Prim feels awkward and steps back and falls off the boat, into the ocean
She cries and her salty tears mix with the ocean, is she crying from happiness or pure sorrow of losing her chance with lizzy?
Lizzy knows she will endanger her life if she swims to retrieve prim, but she tries anyway, and as she swims she turns into a beautiful mermaid and kisses prim again to give her air.
Prim accepts the kiss and cries again, and the ocean rises level, as if her tears were greater than the ocean.
“I love you” says prim and as she cuddles an invisible hand, prim is asleep on the couch, still crying.
“I love you”
The end



Fanart from Jordan Smith!

I got this amazing, cute and funny Prim fanart today from Jordan Smith! 🙂 Love it!
Jordan writes: This is Prim’s license to practice magic! I’m not entirely sure where Prim lives, but I picked a Swedish city (the rest of the address is completely made up). I don’t know what licenses look like in Sweden, so I just based this one on State of Wisconsin driver’s licenses! Prim is very surprised that she managed to pass all her tests and get the license, as I hope her photo shows! She also plans to tell Lizzy all about it, nonstop! 😀 As for Prim’s height, I just went and made up a measurement that’s half metric, half U.S. I really hope you like it!


Check out Jordans awesome comic here: http://candaceandcompany.com


One year anniversary !

Last Halloween, I began to publish Magic Advisor in swedish online. Now a whole year has passed and I am so happy and grateful for all who follow my comic. 🙂
I look forward tell you all more about Lizzy, Prim, Ghosty and companys adventures. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, I will have a Q&A. 🙂 You can ask questions for me and for the characters of Magic Advisor. I will then make a series of comics where Lizzy and the others answers the questions they have received 🙂 Just comment your question anywhere on this site. 🙂

Here are some pictures I made 🙂

For the anniversary 🙂

For Halloween 🙂


Fanart from Ellen Lundberg and Jordan Smith!

Ellen Lundberg made two wonderful fanarts with Prim and her own characters Isie Isbjörn and Bibbi. Find Ellens comic here (in swedish): http://bibelgangget.blogspot.se
Or her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellenseriekonst/
Her stuff is really good so make sure to check her out 🙂



Jordan Smith who makes a great comic here made fanart of Lizzy. 🙂
His website: www.candaceandcompany.com