New fanart + fanfiction!

Got this cute fanart from Ellen Lundberg! 🙂 ❤ I love it! Lizzy and Prim in love ^^;

I also got a really cute fan fiction from ScarletWhite. She made a story about how Lizzys sister Kendra got her cat 🙂 Wonderful! ❤

There was a hat that could turn people into animals, such powerful ítem not to be used lightly as it was cursed as well. Those who would use it for ill would become animals themselves, forever, or something worse left unspoken.

A hat full of power on an empty head as Prim. The vainly thief stole the hat for evil, yet vain, purposes.

One day a magic shop was the target to Prim’s ambition, as she wanted a magic mirror

“I am beautiful enough” she thought “but can’t get rid of them pimples, I mean, little beauty marks, perhaps this mirror will show me how I really am?”

And she stole the mirror

And as she did, a black cat that grew on a shop, on a small space, and knew no real love, scratched madly upon the glass he was concealed in.

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