Here is a list and summery of all the chapters so far:

1. The Ghost. (Lizzys first assignment as a Magical Advisor)

2. The Thief (Lizzy hears about a demonic thief and is worried about her occult collection)

3. The Magican (Lizzy goes to a magic show and makes a shocking discovery)

4. Magical trouble (Lizzy is still angry with Prim and is surprised when Prim wants to hire her as a magical advisor)

5. When the Skeptic Stole Valentines Day. (Lizzy thinks it´s time for Eliot to stop being a sceptic about the supernatural in this valentines day special)

6. A Whole New World… of trouble. (Prim´s revenge is causing Lizzy a lot of trouble)

7. The Talented miss Lizzy (Lizzy thinks of a plan to steal back the flying carpet from Prim)

8. Lizzy vs. Annabelle (The famous haunted and super scary doll Annabelle is staying at Lizzys house for one night. Will Lizzy be able to handle such a dangerous guest?)

9. First come, first to steal (Lizzy is a night watchman at a museum trying to prevent thief from stealing a gold cup)

10. Odd Couple (Lizzy and Prim must pretend to be a romantic couple because of reasons… it turns out to be very difficult.)

11. The one that matters the most (Lizzy and Prim is still looking for the cup. But then something happens that changes everything…)

12. Primnapped (Prim is the one telling the story in this chapter and she will share all about how she got kidnapped.)

13. Mission Primpossible (Lizzy tries to save Prim)

14. The maze (Lizzy, Prim and Ghosty is stuck in a maze. Will they get out?)

15. The Raccoon team (The raccoons are wondering where Prim is)

16. Prim vs. Santa Claus (In this Christmas episode Prim is out to get revenge on Santa Claus)

17. Q&A (In this special episode the characters from magic Advisor answers questions from you readers 🙂 )

18. Strange Bedfellows (Lizzy and the others try to figure out what the mysterious hood person wants)

19. New plans. (Prim gets an idea. At least she thinks its good…. ^^; )

20. A small problem (Lizzy tries to take a break from Prim… Good luck! LOL ^^)

21. Things Go Wrong. (Prim is trying to make something good come out of her curse)

22. Missing you.   (Sorting out feelings is not something Lizzy is good at…)