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My name is Magic Frigren. I am an author and comic creator  from Sweden.  Magic Advisor is my first comic and current main comic project. It is published as a swedish album, in the anthology Homemade Comics and in the american newspaper Zenith News.  I have also published a fantasy novel called Transformationen that you can buy HERE (Unfortunately it is only out in Swedish right now. Hopefully that will change in the future… ) Transformationen is based on ten years research on alchemy and is about relationships, soul searching and spirituality. Read more about me on my homepage HERE.  There you can (among other things) find:

My Art

My poetry

My short films

My inspiration for Magic Advisor is my swedish blog about the supernatural. I wanted to use the creatures and legends I had researched (Like the doll Annabelle!). I´ve been reading about the mysterious and weird since I was little and I wanted a protagonist who had done the same. But on the same time I did not want a protagonist who knew everything from the start. So thats how I came up with that Lizzy has read about the supernatural but never experienced it for real. In that way me, you and Lizzy can discover the magical together! 🙂

Below you can see my first sketch of Lizzy:

Originally I was going to draw the whole comic in black and white. Lizzy was supposed to be some sort of creature with horns. That didn´t… happen. ^^; Before starting Magic Advisor I had never drawn digital art. I had only done extremly detailed ink drawings that took at least a month each to finish.

I realized it would not work to make a comic in that style. Every page would take years to finish and since my story idea was becoming a comedy I felt it would work better in color (Hello there, funny hair colors!) The first adventure where Lizzzy meets Ghosty took me a long time of training, redrawing and doubting myself… But I´m happy I did not give up. Now Lizzys story has came to life inside me and I don´t want to stop! I hope to keep on developing as a comic artist.

I also have instagram, twitter and deviantart and tumblr Please do follow me!
I also have a youtube channel. Here is a Magic Adviser Q&A from it:

And a personal Q&A about me:

I hope you will enjoy your visit here! I am happy to see people enjoying my comic. Don´t hesitate to share your opinoions and thought with me! 🙂 Just comment here on the site or send me an email at: missmagicgirl@hotmail.se


//Magic Frigren.


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