About me

My name  is Magic Frigren and I draw and write “Magic Advisor”. *Waves!* Hi!

Swedish is my first language and “Magic Advisor” is published in Swedish HERE. Swedish titel for Magic Advisor is Magikonsult.
Sometimes I make mistakes with the english language… Sorry about that!

You can read more about how I make this comic and what my inspiration for it is in my blog posts about it HERE

I am a big nerd / geek and loves comic books, movies, tv shows and reading books. I especially like to read classics, science fiction, fantasy and steampunk. Superheroes are always fun!
I love silent films and cheesy old horror movies. I collect dolls and figures. I am especially interested in Universal Monsters merchandise. 🙂
I blog about those interests in swedish here.
I am also very interested in the supernatural and everything magical. I do a lot of research and reading about ufo´s, ghosts, mythology, fairytales, witchcraft, magic and folklore.
I blog about that also in swedish here.

I also have instagram, twitter and diviantart and tumblr Please do follow me!

I hope you will enjoy your visit here! If you have any questions please leave them in a comment here on the site or email me at missmagicgirl@hotmail.se


//Magic Frigren.

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