Magic Advisor fan fiction!

AzabacheSilver is making Magic Advisor fan fiction on deviant art. I am so honoured and happy! It is really good and funny and I can’t wait to read the rest of it. 🙂 It is also beautifully illustrated! ❤

Read here: MKvsChamps: Giggle War Prt 1

Here are the illustrations:




Fanart 2!

There is someone on deviant art making the first Magic Advisor fanfic and they made this picture for it! I am so happy and excited! 😀 Lizzy and the others looks so cool in it! 😀



I was so happy when I loggen in to deviantart and found out that nobodygoddammit had made some fanart for Magic Advisor! :)That really is the most amazing compliment I could get! I love it so much! It is just beautifully made and I love Prim and Lizzys expressions. Really well captured! ❤ Thank you! 😀