Behind the scenes on chapter two: the thief

In this post I will talk about my inspiration for and the thing I learned when I made chapter two. 🙂

All heroes needs a villian. So here you go Lizzy! Here is your enemy! Welcome Prim!

I have always loved the villians in movies, cartoons and comics. Harley Quinn, Team Rocket, Loki and Magica de Trix are all big favorites with me. 🙂
I wanted to create my own villian that was kind of a nerd (like me!). Someone who has read to many comic books, always liked the bad guys more because they have cooler clothes and decided to be an evil mastermind just for the fun of it.
I wanted Prim to be a sort of contradiction. She wants to be evil but she is also cute, pink and fluffy.
I was inpired by princess dresses, japanese lolita fashion and the makeup from old silent films. With the big black eyes and the small lips.

The theme for this chapter was different cliches from the comicbook and cartooon world (like dramatic origin stories) but also fairy tales. I had a lot of fun drawing Prim in all the different fairy tales. (Yes, Star Wars is a fairy tale) 😉

I also tried some new techniques in this chapter like using photographs and letting it show in the drawings.

I also tried to have different color bakgrounds for different charaters (Yes, all two of them!)
I always thougt Lizzys backgrounds should be gray. But Prim really needed pink backgrounds to match her personality. I will se how I experiment with colors in the future. I am not sure yet.

I hope you all like Prim! She will be back many times! 🙂

What more? Oh! Yes! Story board!
I wrote in the last post that I felt like I needed to make a story board and for this chapter I did.

You can see my extremly ugly story board in the picture. Gahhh! Should I even show this? It is so ugly! But let´s keep it real.

I think a story board can be ugly as long as I know what I mean.
”But Magic! Is that a monster drawn by a three year old?”
Magic: ”Shut up!”

The comic itselfs looks alright at least.

I got the advice to use post it notes when makeing the story board. That was good since it made it possible for me to move things around while planning the story.

That´s all for this time!



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