Behind the scenes on chapter one: the Ghost

In this post I will talk about writing / drawing the first chapter ”The Ghost”.

Let´s start with my inspiration! There is only one problem… I don´t really know what my inspiration was. The story came to me slowely under a long time. I thought about it, made som drawings, sleept, went for a walk, got home, draw, drank some juice… okay, sorry this is really boring.

Let´s try again!

My first idea was to make a comic based on my swedish blog about the supernatural. I wanted to create stories about the folklore I read about. I also wanted a heroine that had, like me, been reading about the magical and supernatural for almost her whole life.
But on the same time I didn´t want her to know everything because that would be boring. Then I got the idea that she had only read about the supernatural but had no real life experience.
Which means that you, me and Lizzy can learn about lifes mysteries together! Yay?

So that was my inspiration… Let´s look at my first drawings of Lizzy.

As you can see she looks completly different except for the clothes. My first idea was that Lizzy was going to be somekind of supernatural creature her self (with HORNS!). But I left that idea behind since it was not the best idea to ever happen…

I was orignally planning on drawing the whole comic in ink and by hand. But it took way to long and I also think this comic is better in color (Hello funny hair colors!)

Finally I decided to have the charaters in color and the backgrounds in gray. So the charaters will pop out more… (OMG! I am so deep! XD )

Lizzys house is inpiered by Kungsgatan 30 in Stockholm, Sweden. I have always liked the look of that door. I like to think it is the doorway to some fantasy world. In reality I think it is an office but… shhy! Lets pretend it is a magical place, okay?
Behind Lizzys door I imagine there is many floors filled with occult books and haunted / magical items.

So how do I draw? I use GIMP. It´s like a more cheap version of photoshop because photoshop is crazy expensive! *My wallet cryes just hearing the name*
I think GIMP works really well.

I Usally sketch up the charaters by hand like this:

Then I color them in GIMP:

So hopefully that was interesting to read! 🙂

Since this is my first comic (except the one we don´t talk about) I am still learning. What I learnt while making the first chapter was that a storyboard would not be a bad idea. So I will work more with that in future chapters 🙂


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